Spring Break

by MikeyMoore on March 28, 2011

As Spring Break comes to a close, I look back at a relaxing week hanging out with my best friends at home.  I love the time I get to spend with my family and close friends because in college and in general it’s hard to find time away from business to reconnect with the people that matter most.  No matter how busy my life gets or who starts vying for my time, I always remember it’s my family and hometown close friends that have been with me through many years of hardships that are most important.  I’d rather be a poor man with the ones I love than a rich man in a lonely mansion.

I recently read an interesting article on the pressures of Facebook.  In our generation today, we have the globe at our fingertips.  Twitter connects to Facebook connects to Pandora connects to YouTube and with a touch of a button we can intertwine all of our likes/dislikes and share them around the world.  Yet, as useful as all this is, it’s healthy to remember that one does not need a thousand friends to be happy.   Social Networking sites are important to stay connected to the world, but maybe for an hour a day.  I’ve been there before, and if you’re feeling depressed and swamped with the internet, relax and remember the most important people in your life usually never exceed more than  your family and a few very close friends.  Those are the only connections you need.

As I read the news this week, the world is as tumultuous as ever.  My heart goes out to Japan after a 6.5 aftershock hit them on Sunday.  Workers are at the Fukushima power plant are working hard to defuse a situation where radiation has leaked into an underwater tunnel where high levels of Plutonium were found.  I can’t image how hard it would be watching what foods I eat or even where I’m going to get my bottled water in the next few years.

It is hard to sit and watch the troubles in the Middle East and Africa without thinking to myself, “Why can’t we (The US Government/Military forces) help everyone?”, but I know that in this world each country has copious amounts of problems to deal with.  With the Yemen factory explosion after a raid by Islamist militants or Syrian army troops moving in and opening fire on demonstrators, or even as we watch the news unfold in egypt (watch here for live updates by the BBC),  it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the continued violence around the world.  As rebel forces move to capture Sirte with the help of NATO enforcing a no-fly zone, the UN now walks a political tight-rope in Libya.  Many questions arise on wether or not we are solely protecting civilians or aiding rebels in a civil war (which, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticizes, should not be done) and hopefully when coalition forces start to back off Gaddafi won’t come back in full force with weapons far stronger than what the rebels possess.  Our Government faces a stress to budget as a stopgap on April 8 sneaks up on us.  Tomahawk missiles cost 1 million each, and in the beginning of the Libya mission 160 were launched.  Watch live updates on BBC here.

Well, I have overdosed on news and must begin my last day of Spring Break.  Time to disconnect and spend quality time with my family.  Hopefully my Iphone won’t distract me.

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by MikeyMoore on March 10, 2011

Up here at Western WU it’s dead week and everyone on campus is dreading finals coming up.  Just yesterday I finished a final in my theatre class with a friend of mine, Hannah Reclam.  We did a scene from Broken Up by Nick Hall.

We nailed the final, but now that we’re done I’m in that few week span before next quarter and I get more work to sink my teeth into.  I don’t know about you, but whenever I don’t have rehearsals or performances to spend my time with I fall into a funk.

I’m hanging in there, studying for other finals and listening to  Kid Kudi.  To those of you out there in the same rut, hang in there.  When one show closes, a prologues just begun.


Snow In February

February 27, 2011

We’ve had an extremely cold last week. Record breaking temperatures and it’s been a rough walk to the theatre every night. Run is going great though! Lov’n my dr.dre headphones. Best bd present – EVER!

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Hello world!

February 1, 2011

February 11, 2011 – Rehearsing for I Love You, Your Perfect, Now Change. Opening February 14th.  Looking foward to the run. Just finished a fabulous run of Landscape Of The Body. Getting caught up on some projects that got sidelined during performances. Quite cold up here in Bellingham tonight! Stay warm!

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